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Safety and Alerting

Alarm ClockAlarm Clock

This is an alarm clock. Deaf people use it to wake up.

First, you set the time when you want to wake up. You put the vibrator part of the alarm clock under your pillow. When it is time to wake up, you will feel the shaking (vibration) and wake up. You could have a light too. You will see the flashing light and wake up.


Fire / Smoke Detector

Fire Smoke Detector

This is a fire alarm and smoke detector device. It has a bright flashing light to warn you if there’s smoke or fire.

Some alarms have spinning red lights and some flashing white lights. If there is a fire, the fire alarm will begin and warn you to go outside for safety.


Phone Flasher Light

communication image logoThis is a phone flasher light. It helps deaf people know when they have a phone or TTY call.

The light flashes to show that the phone is ringing.