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Hearing aids

Hearing AidHearing aids help some deaf people hear, but they don't work for everyone.You can take off the hearing aid whenever you want. You can get a new ear mold (so it fits) or, if you need to, even a whole new aid.

Some deaf people with hearing aids can speak well. That is because they can hear some speech sounds and practice speaking clearly.

A hearing aid will make the sound of "eeee" when the ear mold doesn't fit in the ear tightly. If no one is wearing the hearing aid, but if it is still on, then it will "eee" too.

How do hearing aids work?

Hearing AidSome deaf people can hear loud sounds. They use a hearing aid to amplify the sounds, or make them louder. A deaf person may use hearing aids to hear the TV, when someone calls their name, to listen to music, and hear environmental sounds.

Suppose a deaf person listens to music when using a hearing aid. First, the sound goes to the hearing aid and is amplified. Second, sound goes through the ear to the eardrum. Then, the sound makes the 3 very small bones move. It goes to the cochlea and, last, the sound goes to your brain. If a hearing person tries a hearing aid, it would hurt their ears because the hearing aid makes sounds very loud.

Cochlear Implants

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Cochlear Implants help some deaf people hear, but they don’t work for all. Surgery is required. Part of the implant stays inside the body forever. Part of it is worn outside the body.

Some deaf people with a CI can speak well because they practice speech and listening and hear many sounds. It is not the same as a behind-the-ear hearing aid. It does not make the “eee” sound when it is taken off or in use.

How do cochlear implants work?

Cochlear ImplantsCochlear implants have a microphone, cord, speech processor, transmitting coil, electrode array, volume, and battery.

They are very different from hearing aids. How are they different? The sounds come from a computer processor which acts like your middle and inner ear.

You can hear music, environmental sounds, people talking, T.V., people calling your name.