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Kenny Walker

Sports Desk PersonKenny Walker was born in Crane, Texas on April 6, 1967. Kenny became deaf when he was 2 years old from spinal meningitis. He made All-State for both football and basketball in public high school. At Nebraska University, he earned All-American Honors for being a starter for the defensive team. After college, he was drafted by the Denver Broncos and played in the NFL. He played for a few years as a Denver Broncos football player.

Walker 57 Recently, Kenny has started working with the Iowa School for the Deaf as a counselor and a football coach. He is also in the book called, “Roar of Silence” written by Bob Schaller.

He has a wife, Martina, whom he married in 1992. Kenny has two children, Tommy and Kenny Bo. Tommy is deaf and Kenny Bo is hearing.