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Ronda Jo Miller

basketballRonda is deaf and she was a graduate of Gallaudet University. Ronda was a very good basketball player at Gallaudet University. Ronda was very interested in playing for WNBA (Women National Basketball Association). There are over 150 athletes from around the United States who want to apply for the WNBA, but NWBL (National Women Basketball League) will pick only 50 athletes to try out for WNBA. Most players have to wait for their phone to ring and hope it is from the National Women Basketball League. Ronda Jo Miller's phone rang and she got the call from NWBL. They offered Ronda Jo Miller to try out for the Women National Basketball Association (WNBA).

Ronda went to Kansas City Legacy and tried out for the WNBA. Her coach trained her and hoped that she would make it. A lot of hearing people thought deaf women couldn't play professionally, but deaf women can do anything just the same as hearing people, except hear.

Ronda’s goal was to be part of Women National Basketball Association. She didn’t make it to the Women National Basketball Association. However, she did show everyone that deaf people can do anything.