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Founding a Colony

Thomas HookerThomas Hooker founded the colony of Hartford in 1636. He welcomed any type of religion and led about 100 followers to the Connecticut River valley from the Massachusetts Bay colony. In 1639, his colony drew up a plan of government. It gave all men who owned land the right to vote This plan was called the Fundamental Orders.

The Fundamental Orders were the first written plan of government in an English colony. This was similar to the Mayflower Compact which showed that the colonists believed they could govern themselves.

The Fundamental Orders and a royal charter held the Connecticut colony together until it became a state in 1788. It was the very first document in American history, and became a basis for the U. S. Constitution.

Many years later, a descendant of Thomas Hooker's would establish something very important for the Deaf community.

Connecticut and Hartford had important roles in the history of the United States. As Thomas Hooker founded Connecticut, so his descendant, Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet, helped found the first permanent school for the deaf.

Land Grant

Here is the actual land grant document, signed by President Monroe. The Federal Government had land in Alabama. They granted ASD a township of the land in 1819. ASD sold that land and used the money from the sale to help pay for the American School for the Deaf.

Who could that be?

Thomas Hooker
Thomas Hooker and Thomas Gallaudet
Thomas Gallaudet

Thomas Hooker was Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet’s great, great, great, great, great grandfather (6th generation).