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Deaf Is.. Technology Faqs

How do deaf people wake up?

boys walking

They wake up by the vibration or light flashes of their alarm clock

What is the device in your ear? Is it a radio?

arrow to hearing aid

Actually no. We use a hearing aid to help us hear.

It amplifies (makes louder) the sounds in our ears.

How do deaf people know there is someone at the door?


We use a door knocker or doorbell flasher . If there is someone knocking or ringing the doorbell, we see the flashing lights and know to answer the door.

Some deaf people have service dogs to help them.

Can and how do deaf people talk on the phone?

man knocking on door

Deaf people communicate with hearing people by using their voice, making gestures, writing on paper or mouthing the words.

Sometimes they can use an interpreter.

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