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Deaf Is.. Sports Faqs

Can deaf people play sports?

baseball player

Yes, deaf people can play sports.

They are interested in many different kinds of sports and enjoy playing them.

Can a deaf athlete become a pro?

basketball player

Yes, deaf athletes can become professionals if that is their goal. They need to work hard and practice, just like hearing athletes.Deaf people have different skills too.

Some deaf former professional athletes are Kenny Walker and Ronda Jo Miller.

Do deaf people have cheerleaders at school?

cheer leader


Yes, they do!

Cheerleaders help the team and crowd keep their motivation up with spirited signs and dances.


How do you know when the referee blows the whistle?

ref blowing whistle

Referees will blow the whistle and wave their hands so deaf people will notice them.

Can deaf people participate in the Olympics?

boy carrying olympic torch

Yes. In fact, there have been deaf Olympians that have won medals.

There are also special games called Deaflympics set up for only deaf athletes.

How do they cheer and keep together?


They practice everyday and they teach each other to work together.

They need to communicate, watch each other and stay alert.

They also follow a drum beat to keep their movements together or synchronized.