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Deaf Is.. Sign Language Faqs

What is sign language?

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Sign language is a language expressed by visible hand gestures.

(definition of sited by hyperdictionary... www.hyperdictionary.com)

What is ASL?

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ASL, American Sign Language, is a visual gestural language with its own grammar structures.

It is not an auditory language. It is unlike English. ASL uses more than just hand signs. It uses facial expressions, body posture and movement and mouth movements to communicate meaning.

It has its roots in French Sign Language and is considered to be the natural language of Deaf people.

It has been passed on for generations through schools for the deaf. It was not considered a legitimate language until the 1960s.

Is sign language universal all over the world?


No. There are different signs for different regions. It's the same idea as different languages such as Spanish, Polish, etc.