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Can deaf people travel?

mini van

Yes, deaf people can travel all around the world! Deaf people can use any type of transportation. Also, there are even special cruises for deaf people to gather, socialize and visit beautiful and interesting places.

How do deaf people know what is being said on loudspeakers?

person touching speaker

Many places like a train, bus or subway station, or an airport, have loud speakers - some of these, especially in the bigger cities, have a visual message board (a 'crawl') so deaf people can read the announcements that are being said. Not all places have these, though, and deaf people need to stay alert or ask someone what's happening that they should know about.

What deaf people do for fun?

basketball and hoop

Deaf people like socializing with friends, playing at the gym or going to events. Some events focus on the deaf community. There are sporting events sponsored by deaf clubs, deaf camps, bowling tournaments, women and men's basketball tournaments, softball tournaments, and many others. There are many organizations and clubs for deaf and hard of hearing people to participate in and enjoy.

Why do deaf people wave their hands in the air at performances?

3 people applauding with hands in air

That's how deaf people applaud. They can't hear clapping, but they can see when people wave their hands in the air.

How do deaf people communicate what they want in store or restaurant?

person writing

Deaf people can use the menu and point at the name or picture of the food that they want. Some deaf people write their order on a piece of paper. Others can use their voice.

Is the American School for the Deaf really quiet?



Rarely. Kids are always laughing or chatting for fun.

What kind of classes do they have?


It is just the same as the public school. There is English, Math, Science, and History, Art, Gym and many other classes.