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Deaf Is.. Everyday Faqs... Page 2

How old are deaf children when they start school?

school bus

Most deaf people begin school at the age of about three to five years old.

Where/how deaf children learn to read and write?

teacher pointing to blackboard


Deaf people learn to read and write while they are at school.

Do deaf people write in ASL or in English?

girl writing


Deaf people sometimes write in ASL or a 'broken' English. For many, ASL is their first language, so that's why they write that way. It is depends on their preference. Deaf students are encouraged to write in English.

Do they have a prom? How do they have a prom?

boy dancing


Yes, they have prom just the same as public school. They have music, dancing, dinner and much more.

Can and how do deaf people drive?

person driving

Deaf people can drive?

They rely upon their eyes to pay attention to what's happening on the road..

How do deaf people get their license?

boy pointing to  drivers licence


They get their license when they pass classes at school and take the written and road test just the same as hearing people.

How do they know if there is a police car or ambulance coming?



Deaf people know when emergency vehicles come by noticing the flashing lights, looking at the mirror or by watching the road ahead of them.

How do deaf people 'talk' while driving?

drivers looking straight ahead

For safety reasons, when someone wants to talk with you, you need to tell them to "Hold on because I'm focusing on the road. Can you wait until I stop the car? Then we both can talk for a short while ok?"

That's the safe way for deaf people. Most hearing people can talk and drive at the same time.