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Are deaf people and hearing the same?

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Deaf and hearing people are the same. Everyone can do anything they set their minds to.

Deaf people just can't hear, that's all!

How do people become deaf?


There are many different ways that people become deaf. Some people are born deaf because it runs in the family.

Other people are born deaf without a specific reason.

Another way people become deaf is they become sick. For example, spinal meningitis and other viruses cause high fever. When you get a very high fever, it can damage your inner ear.

Some people lose their hearing because of accidents. Being around very loud noises can damage your hearing too. Have you noticed many rock stars perform with earmolds in their ears? That's to protect their hearing!

And people also lose their hearing as they get older.

Do deaf people date/marry?

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Yes, deaf people can date and marry anyone.

It doesn't matter if the person is deaf or hearing.

Do deaf people date hearing people?

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Yes, deaf people can talk with hearing people by using sign language, writing on paper, or using voice. If they like each other, they will figure out how to communicate. The hearing person can learn sign language to make it easier and comfortable.

Do deaf people have hearing kids?

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Yes, they can have hearing kids.

They can also have deaf children.

Can deaf people have children?


Yes, deaf people can have children.

How do deaf parents teach their hearing kids to talk?

talking kids

Different ways. Some deaf parents can speak to their children. Some deaf parents can't speak, so other family members who are not deaf can talk to the children.

Their parents take the kids to school with other hearing children where they socialize. Also, their teachers can teach them how to talk. talking kids

How do deaf people know if their baby is crying?

crying babyThere are baby monitors now with lights that will flash when the baby cries. Deaf people can see the lights and know the baby is making noise.

If there is a hearing person with the deaf person, the hearing person can tell them that the baby is crying. (See also - Deaf Doggie)