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Deaf Is.. Communication Faqs

Can deaf people talk?

boys walking Yes, some can. It depends on the deaf person. Some of them use sign language and don't use their voice.

Other deaf people use their voice and sign language at the same time. Some just speak!

Do all deaf people sign?


No, not all of them. Most deaf people use signs. Deaf people have hearing families or friends, so they use their voice to communicate with them.

Some deaf people never use sign language

Do Deaf people read Braille?


No, only blind people read Braille.

Deaf people can see but cannot hear.

How do deaf people communicate with hearing people?


Deaf people communicate with hearing people by using their voice, making gestures, writing on paper or mouthing the words.

Sometimes they can use an interpreter.

Is sign language universal all over the world?

multi cultural

No. There are different signs for different regions.

It's the same idea as different languages such as Spanish, Polish, etc.

Can deaf people talk in the dark?


Well, if you are next to a person, all you have to do is touch their hands and you can "feel" what they are saying.

If you are far away from a person, you are not able to see what they sign.

Do deaf people get tired of signing?



No, because that's part of who they are and how they communicate

How do hearing people react to deaf people signing?

shake handsThere are a lot of reactions from the hearing people about sign language. Some people think it is cool and want to learn. Some people do not understand sign language and become curious about it. Deaf people are happy to show hearing people sign language.

If you want to learn, go to the sign language page of Deaf Is....

Do deaf people get frustrated with hearing people?


Yes, deaf people get frustrated with hearing people sometimes because some deaf people can't understand without paper to write.

Deaf people try to use gestures but some hearing people have difficulty understanding them.

What are some other ways deaf people get their information?

service dog with man

Some deaf people use assistant "Hearing Ear" dogs to help them know what's happening.

Learn about Assistant Dogs here.