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Do deaf people like music?

Dancing GirlYes, most deaf people like music; country, hip hop, rock, rap, pop, and all different kinds of music. Many deaf people like rock, hip hop or rap best because they can hear and feel the bass strongly. When the volume is turned up, they can feel the vibrations from the space around them (coming up from the floor, walls, windows...)

dancing girlCan deaf people dance?

Of course! A lot of deaf people love to dance. They love to dance at parties, clubs, and to have a fun time.

They learn to dance from from their families and friends or by watching different dance styles on movies or TV (like music videos).

story telling imageCan deaf people perform
(storytelling, joking, acting)?

Yes, they love storytelling and joking around with their friends.Their stories and jokes are visual, so they use a lot of acting to make it fun to watch.

How do deaf people like music?

They like to feel the music. Some deaf people use hearing aids to hear a wider range of sounds. People that are hard of hearing can hear more than deaf people, but they can’t hear everything.

Poetry Do deaf people like poetry?

Yes. Some like to read and write poetry. Some also express themselves using ASL poetry.

They use their hands, facial expressions and bodies to tell a story or show a feeling.