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Heather Whitestone

Juliette LowHeather Whitestone won the 1995 Miss America Pageant. She was the first deaf woman to achieve this honor. She won by having talent, beauty, and poise.

She was born on February 24th, 1973. She lost her hearing due to a high fever at the age of 18 months. She graduated in 1991 from Berry High School in Alabama with a B+ average. She learned sign language and speech reading, both of which would help her in the future.

From high school she went to Jacksonville State University, where she maintained an A average and was secretary of the Student Organization For Deaf Awareness.

Heather participated in and observed beauty competitions. Based on these competitions she decided to try out for the 1995 Miss America Competition.

During the Miss America competition she won the swimsuit and the talent competitions. After the Miss America Pageant, she became a spokeswoman and member of may deaf organizations and went on to raise a family. In 2002 Heather received a cochlear implant.