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Deaf Is.. Arts and Culture

Art helps us express ourselves and share our ideas and feelings. It lets people show their creativity and imagination in different ways. Deaf art can show communication, culture, experiences and feelings. Many artists focus on hands and eyes and use texture, movement, light and color. Why do you think they do this? How is deaf art unique? Open your eyes and explore Deaf Is... Art

Performing Arts

performing arts masks iconDeaf performers have found success in many different types of preforming art. Deaf theater, with plays performed completely in sign language, have delighted both hearing and deaf audiences all over the world. Television has featured many deaf actors and actresses. When a performance features deaf players, there are many things to be taken into consideration--some that you may have never realized. Learn more about deafness and the performing arts here!

Visual Arts

two people chatting imageMany deaf people are talented visual artists. Painting, sculpture, and photography are just some of the ways that deaf artists have been successful in demonstrating their creativity.