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Deaf Is.. Culture

You have studied cultures from all around the world. What traditions, values and behaviors make them unique? Deaf culture is unique too in that it has history, language (American Sign Language), shared experiences, traditions and values, such as residential schools and Deaf clubs.

Being Deaf

two people chatting imageWhat is it like to be deaf? Is it really so different from being hearing? Some experiences are shared and some are totally unique and different. Read student journals, watch a representation of the Deaf Goodbye and check out the Deaf House.

Deaf Celebrities & Pioneers

Deaf celebrity iconI. King Jordan, President of Gallaudet University, often repeats Fredrick Schrieber's quote, saying, "Deaf people can do anything that hearing people can do... except hear!" Read about Dr. Jordan and others who proved his words to be true. Some are famous. Some you don't know. All of these people have faced challenges and proven they CAN do anything.

The Ear

ear iconLearn about the ear and how people can become Deaf and get some information about how hearing works. Find out about hearing tests and learn about how an audiogram is used to plot your hearing.